My experience with Snapchat’s Spectacles

I got the Spectacles over Christmas thanks to my good friend Carlos. Back then, it was difficult to buy them because Snap was playing a genius scarcity game.

Today you can buy a pair online and get them delivered to your home in 1-2 weeks. Gone are those days when the Spectacles would sell on eBay for $3000.

Now, you might be thinking: “should I get them?” Let me help you.

Have you ever had a vacation to a sunny place, taking pictures here and there to immortalize the scenery? Having your phone with you all day might not be convenient, especially if you want to disconnect.

Have you ever been at a wedding where everyone is looking at their recording phones? Most of these people end up having just the memory of what their camera saw, not their eyes.

Can you think of a summer day when you hiked through a trail with breathtaking views? Getting your hands busy to take pictures might be uncomfortable and even dangerous.

I have been in these situations, and the weird-looking sunglasses truly allow me to be in the moment while capturing the memory.

I love their outstanding design and their bold colors, but I understand if this is detracting for others. If you want discretion, look somewhere else: the Spectacles will unavoidably draw bystanders’ attention.

Battery life and usability are non-issues (at least once you’ve deciphered how to use Snapchat), so really, the question is: do you mind wearing a camera on your face?

The Spectacles won’t revolutionize the world, but they are a rotund success on democratizing face-wearing cameras that serve a dual purpose (in this case, protecting your eyes from the sun).

If you like Snapchat and can spare $130 on sunglasses, the Spectacles are for you.

You just need a sunny day.

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