2018 in review

2018 is over, so here’s a list of the top three most popular posts we published during the year.

1. We started the year with a first look of the Amazon Go store in Seattle. Experiencing its cashierless checkout felt almost like stealing, and it gave us a glimpse of a future with less human interactions. Today there 9 stores across the U.S. and counting.

2. Bitcoin peaked late in 2017 and we compiled a list of lessons learned after losing a bunch of money after its nosedive. Today, the cryptocurrency is not dead but it still hasn’t recovered its 2017 value. Many say it will make a comeback, so get ready.

3. Artificial Intelligence has been the focus for most tech companies in 2018. We asked questions about the impact AI is having in our society. Google’s response was 7 principles that will be enforced in future smart products and we dissected them for you.

Happy new year 2019! 🎉

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